Poland’s GDP growth reached 5.1% in 2018 (World Bank), and is projected to grow another 3.8% in 2019 (International Monetary Fund), the 4th highest growth rate in the EU as of 2019. (International Monetary Fund)



Poland’s unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2019 is registered as 3.9% (CEIC data), one of the lowest in Europe.

  • The number of employed persons in Poland in the first quarter of 2019 is 16,274 thousand. (Trading Economics)

    • Manufacturing and trade are the two largest sectors in the economy in terms of gross value added (GVA). (International Monetary Fund)

    • Wages have more than doubled since 2000. (valueDACH)

  • Meanwhile, the country’s industrial production grew by an unadjusted 9.2% in April 2019. (Intellinews)


  • In September 2018, FTSE Russel reclassified Poland as a developed market. (FTSE Russel)

  • Gross value added in national economy in the first quarter of 2019 was 4.6% higher than in the corresponding quarter of 2018. (Statistics Poland)

  • Gross value added in industry was 5.9% higher than in the corresponding quarter of 2018. (Statistics Poland)

  • The relatively low value of production capital in Poland ensures high rates of return on investments; The 2006-2016 average of marginal capital productivity in Poland is almost 4 times higher than in the rest of the Eurozone. (Deloitte)

  • Among other incentives for investors are Special Economic Zones (SEZ), special zones where economic activity may be run in favorable conditions. They offer attractive tax exemptions, employment incentives, and well-prepared investment lots. (Poland Investment and Trade Agency)

  • Poland was also ranked the sixth best country in the world to invest in a 2019 US News & World Report survey. (US News & World Report)


  • Poland ranks first as best country to trade across borders with by the World Bank Group 2019 Doing Business Report. (World Bank)

  • Poland’s trade with the United States rose to $4.92 billion through the first four months of 2019, 10.73% above its total trade during the same time period in 2018. (UStradenumbers)

  • The United States’ exports to Poland increased 15.95% while imports from Poland rose 7.13% (UStradeNumbers)

  • According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, 92% of foreign investors are satisfied with their decision to invest in Poland and would take that step again.