Why the United States and European Union are destined to collide

A conference in London highlights the biggest debate of our times: whether independent nations can co-exist within a liberal imperialism unwilling to recognize borders.



I talked with Dr. Yoram Hazony, the philosopher and author of the conservative bestseller, “The Virtue of Nationalism,” ahead of his book launch in London, prior to the Europe at a Crossroads conference. The conference featured some of the top conservative writers and philosophers, including Dr. John Fonte of the Hudson Institute, the author of the post-Trump national-conservative foreign policy, and Sir Roger Scruton.

Scruton called for something conservatives have been pondering on both sides of the pond for a while now: the abolition of universities in their current form, because they have turned into indoctrination chambers. The conference also tackled one of the biggest topics in front of Anglo-American grand strategy—the future of Europe, the European Union, and the coming rivalry between nation-states and a borderless marauding liberalism.

The conference came ahead of a crucial EU Parliament election, after a thorough betrayal of the biggest mandate in the history of British democracy by a prime minister whom a large section of the country perceives at best to be an incompetent imbecile, and at worst a traitor. Britain should have been out of the EU imperium by now. But as the latest BBC documentary shows, British Prime Minister Theresa May destroyed the negotiation from within.

The European Union, meanwhile, is not even pretending anymore, with Orwellian tweets that demonstrate how cultist the organization has become since it was formed to increase free trade and institutionalize peace within the continent. Meanwhile, a section of delusional American liberals, and even some conservatives still mentally living in the early 1990s, think the EU is a benevolent ally, despite all evidence to the contrary, from trade fines to military buck-passing. Yet the EU leaders are not even hiding their imperial ambitions.

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