Startup dreams big as Poland nurtures nano-satellite sector



WARSAW, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Poland is confident of its competitiveness in the promising global nano-satellite market, as a Polish company plans to send over 1,000 nano-satellites into space by 2026, two of which are already waiting for deployment at the International Space Station.

Nano-satellites are increasingly popular with governmental organisations, startups and educational institutions, as their small size (one to 10 kilograms) means they come at a fraction of the cost of conventional satellites while offering competitive services.

"This market is changing very fast. Everybody says we will be surrounded by constellations of micro and nano-satellites. Here a window of opportunity is opening for Poland," Jadwiga Emilewicz, minister of entrepreneurship and technology, told Polish media recently.

"Our ambition today is that some of our Polish companies become partners for the most important firms and cosmic agencies, which spend the most on cosmic technology," Emilewicz said.

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