Poland's vision for Europe



WARSAW — The European Union is stuck in a vicious cycle of crises. If there’s any hope of breaking it, the EU urgently needs to change course after May’s European Parliament election.

We’ve experienced many crises in the past, but the situation we find ourselves in today is by far the most serious: Brexit, subsequent waves of migration, terrorism, economic slowdown, public debt in many member states — all these have raised serious doubts about the future of the European project among its citizens.

The answer to these crises in Brussels has been to centralize power, forget about democracy, transparency and accountability, and disregard national sovereignty. It is an approach that is dangerously misguided.

Unless the EU takes action, European voters will sink deeper into disillusionment. To give them new hope, the EU has to reinvent itself.

Europeans need an EU that is socially sensitive; ambitious and innovative; tough on monopolies and protectionism; and safe. Most importantly, the EU needs to return to its roots as a union of strong, equal and free nations...

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