Poland...a rising economic star?

Spotlight travelled to Poland to see what's turning it from a fledgling to a fully-developed economic power and here to fight with the top dogs.



An ‘under-the-radar-economic-star’ is how one international analyst has described Poland. Others have described the country as moving from an “emerging” to a “developed” economy this year. So what’s driving this development?

“People in Poland started to think innovative. That is very optimistic, and I’m very excited about taking part in this process,” Poland’s new minister for entrepreneurship and technology, Jadwiga Emilewicz, told Euronews’ Chris Burns. “Of course in this first period, one of the most important things was to encourage foreign investment and foreign investors to come to Poland and organise the new labour market. Today, when we’ve got some of the lowest unemployment in Europe, this is not a problem anymore.”

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