Poland: Trump's tough talk on NATO good for eastern flank



BRUSSELS –  Poland's president says the debates over NATO spending that U.S. President Donald Trump ignited are paying off for countries like his on the alliance's eastern flank because they have led to more defense spending by allies.

President Andrzej Duda played down the severity of divisions between Trump and other NATO members at a two-day summit in Brussels, saying the important thing for Poland is that new commitments have been made to secure the region that lies close to Russia.


When asked if he was worried that the Putin-Trump meeting could have negative consequences for Poland, Duda said he expected Trump to continue the U.S. stance of supporting Poland.

"It would really be shocking if it turned out that he in any way would withdraw from the strategy of securing this part of the world. And it would be shocking if he made any concessions to Vladimir Putin, especially given what Russia is doing in Ukraine. It is an occupier, an aggressor," Duda said.

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