Poland reforms innovation system in bid to emulate success of Finland’s VTT and Germany’s Fraunhofer


A blend of policy initiatives aims to boost Poland’s research and innovation system and increase the country’s participation in EU programmes, with the government creating a network of applied research institutes and setting up a dedicated agency to attract home expat researchers, whilst reforming higher education system through a “Constitution for science”.

Policy makers in Warsaw hope that the latest element of the research and innovation strategy, involving the reorganisation of 38 applied research institutes under the umbrella of the newly-formed Łukasiewicz Research Network, will strengthen the work of the institutes and boost the country’s participation in Horizon Europe. 

“It was very clear that [increasing] participation in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe is one of the main goals of [the network],” Mateusz Gaczyński, deputy director for innovation and development at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education told Science|Business.