Is NATO in Poland to deter Russians or Poles?


...I am utterly baffled by the State Department’s ultimatum. The U.S. reaction seems wildly disproportionate or even hypocritical. Saudi Arabia is far more tyrannical in many more spheres of life, but Trump will still shake hands and jiggle their orbs. That’s the difference between being a payer and a payee, I suppose.

But the second threat to block the financing of military projects in Poland, which comes with a further threat to reconsider the stationing of American troops is very odd. NATO’s recent buildup in Poland is supposed to have a strategic rationale for deterring Russian aggression along the eastern borders of the alliance. This is part of a long-term project to redistribute resources to reflect the dramatic eastward expansion of NATO. Poland’s laws about speech do not change this.

NATO can have a military rationale for being in Poland, or it can have a political and social-engineering rationale, aimed at Central Europeans. Logically it can’t have both.

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