How a new energy facility in Port Arthur could export security to Poland



The proposed Port Arthur LNG project will be a critical fuel supplier for one of America's strongest European allies.

In June, Port Arthur LNG and the Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNiG) announced the start of a relationship that could result in the delivery of more than 100 billion cubic feet of U.S. natural gas per year to Poland, which has made a push for energy security and independence from Russia.

The agreement between Poland and Port Arthur LNG is not simply a business opportunity: it represents a critical aspect of our two countries' continuing strategic alliance.


As the Polish Secretary of State for International Dialogue recently wrote, southeast Texas "has become Poland's partner in developing a new energy security for all of Europe."

This is the real story of America's shale energy revolution. Our newfound abundance of oil and natural gas has changed how we produce, consume and even think about energy in America. But thanks to projects like Port Arthur LNG, we're now able to export that new paradigm of energy security to the rest of the world.

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