Brexit? Exclusive w/ Polish Sec. of State Anna Maria Anders



The Epoch Times interviewed Anna Maria Anders, Secretary of State for International Dialogue for the Government of Poland and representative of the Polish Prime Minister, who is also an elected Senator for the Suwalki region of Poland, near the Russian border. We discuss the Polish-American alliance, “Fort Trump,” Nord Stream 2, the prospects of a Polish Brexit, and why the Polish-American alliance is valuable to both countries.


Jan Jekielek: So speaking of Brexit actually you just made me think Poland has been kind of asserting itself as a nation to some extent, and which has some people thinking, “Hey wait a second, is this the beginnings of a Polish Brexit?” What are your thoughts on that?

Anna Maria Anders: No, I think the opposition has favored that opinion in order to criticize the government. Eighty-two percent of the Poles want to remain in Europe.


Jan Jekielek: So maybe a way to describe it would be, you’re hoping that the whole European Union have a more positive relationship with the U.S.?

Anna Maria Anders: I think that the European Union should have a more positive relationship with each other. I recently attended a conference here in Washington, where we talked about trans-Atlantic alliances and so on, and I stood up and I said, you know I’m a little bit worried about the European alliance, because it is so unbelievably divided. That’s another reason why I think Poland feels more secure with the U.S. Army. It’s because the E.U. right now doesn’t seem to be able to agree on very much. We have the whole uncertainty of Merkel leaving and not quite really sure who her successor will be. [With] the dire situation in France with the gilets jaunes (yellow vests), [and] Macron’s approval rating of 20 percent, Merkel and Macron sitting down and forming a treaty—you know—it’s not exactly inspiring, I think.

So, no, I think right now we’re happy in the European Union, we want that to work better. I think the feeling is, though, certainly that was one of the reasons for Brexit, that the E.U. has become too bureaucratic. And I think Poland also feels that, but I think it is not alone. So I think perhaps the European Union should do a little bit to get itself together. We have the European parliamentary elections coming up very soon, in May. We’ll see how that goes. I know that the Law and Justice Party is hoping that we will have some more conservative people in the European Parliament  to swing it a little bit the other way.

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