Poland's Baltic Pipe project gets EU cash


The much-vaunted Baltic Pipe gas pipeline is to go ahead following the formal signing of a €215 million ($243 million) European Union grant.


Running between Poland and Denmark, the bi-directional offshore gas pipeline will link the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea, which will ultimately allow Poland to be supplied with 10 billion cubic meters (353.1 billion cubic feet) worth of gas annually from Norway's deposits.


The EU hailed the new pipeline as "a key European energy infrastructure project with major cross-border benefits."

[Polish Prime Minister] Morawiecki, meanwhile, played up Baltic Pipe's ability to boost the country's energy security, at a time when one of its closest neighbors, Germany, will become increasingly reliant on Russian gas through the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, currently under construction, also under the Baltic Sea.

"[The deal] is a strategic breakthrough for Poland. Our energy security will look completely different. Baltic Pipe is a kind of a counterweight to Nord Stream 2, because it increases the diversification of energy supply for the EU," he said.

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